Power Equalizer

Most businesses use approximately 80% of the kilowatts they are charged for and the rest is wasted. By reducing the amount of waste, your electrical service will be more efficient, thus fewer kWh are required. The financial savings gained by improving the efficiency (cleaning) of power is a minimum of 10% a month to a business who qualifies for the Power Equalizer™. Here are the four main areas where the Power Equalizer™ makes your system more efficient and/or cleaner: Read More

Compress Shield

Compress Shield creates a heat conductive protective barrier throughout the Air-Conditioning or Refrigeration System. This barrier maintains cooler operating temperatures in the compressor, protects the moving parts from friction and increases heat transfer in the coils. Read More

MBurst OCS

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Building Automation for Small and Medium Businesses

Manage Your Energy and Environment Are your energy bills eating into your profit? Do your employees complain of being too cold or too hot? Would you like to understand exactly how your energy costs are generated? Would you like to fix problems you don’t even know you have? Would you rather divert those funds to more important projects? Would you like total control of your energy related systems? Read More

Night Shift

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Skywater® machines make drinking water from humidity in the air. Island Sky®’s patented adiabatic distillation technology, leads the industry in air to water technology. Skywater® atmospheric water generators, or AWGs can extract more water vapor in varied climates than most air to water devices worldwide. As water shortages persist around the world, Skywater® products provide effective emergency water solutions. Read More


Welcome to ISavePower.com

Energy sources should be consistent with an environment that's clean, safe and healthy. Our Quest is that Energy can and should both cost less and have a cleaner outcome. We are committed to helping Communities, Groups and Individuals conserve and reduce the unit volume of energy required for each activity. We are passionate about growth and expansion of our society and believe that we can do more, with less, for everyone’s benefit. We are a clean growth company respectful of the environment and economic reality. We are firmly convinced that science and technology and effort can solve many existing and evolving problems. We believe in the future.